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Terms and Conditions

Thank you for visiting below, you will find the rules that govern in our online store. Please note that by visiting us you accept the terms and conditions and our Privacy Policy, if you do not agree with them please do not enter the site. We reserve the right to update or change the terms and conditions of our Site at any time without prior notice, we recommend you visit and read this information always before using it. By using this site, you accept the privacy policies and contract terms.


Restrictions of use:

CORPO is a Colombian registered trademark by KRISPETA S.A.S, with registered office in Medellín city. The content of the site, the photos, design, buttons, illustrations, logos, images, texts and others are the sole and exclusive intellectual property of KRISPETA S.A.S. As user you can use the site content only in a personal and non-commercial manner. You must not, without the prior written authorization of KRISPETA SAS, publish, retransmit or commercialize in any way or by any means, in whole or in part, both the information contained on the site and its links, otherwise you may incur the responsibilities for violation of copyright, in accordance with the regulations in force. It is not allowed to modify or alter our trademark in any way.


Pricing policy:

The total value of the purchase consists of the following items: product price, taxes, and shipping cost if applicable, each of these items you will see individualized in the invoice that we will send physically with your order.

CORPO offers its products to be bought online at affordable prices. Eventually there will be sales on specific products and for limited periods. CORPO will update prices on the site constantly so you must be aware of these changes and we suggest you enter our site directly typing the the address in your browser bar and frequently delete the cache of your computer.


Shipping policies:

Shipments will be made nationally and internationally except for Cuba – Iran – Sudan – Syria – Burma – North Korea – Yemen – Somalia – Sierra Leone. For national shipments we guarantee a maximum period of 7 working days and for international shipments the guaranteed period will be 15 days; the days will be counted from the confirmation of the purchase by the banking entity as long as no events of fortuitous events or force majeure occur. The time of national shipments will never exceed the 30 days maximum period granted by the Consumer Statute.

The shipment will have done to the address registered by the customer at check out, CORPO assumes that any person who is at the delivery address, is authorized to receive the order and therefore CORPO will be exempt from any responsibility at the time of delivery.

The transporter will make 3 delivery attempts, in case the attempts are not successful, the return of the product to the company and the respective return of the money to the customer will be made, except for the shipping cost. If the person receiving the order is a minor and is not accompanied by an adult who signs the delivery document the order will not be delivered, and a new delivery attempt will be made or the product will be returned to the company and the respective return of the money to the client except the cost of the shipment.


Changes, returns and guarantees policies.

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can return your clothes and change them for another product available in our online store or request a money refund.

Returns: All products purchased in our Online Store may be subject to be returned and therefore you will get your refund except the shipping cost.

Changes: All products purchased in our Online Store may be exchanged for other products, either because of wrong size or because you prefer another and therefore you will obtain a credit balance in our online store, which you can use in another item purchase. The shipping cost will not be returned.

Write us to or through WhatsApp 3175762568 if you want to return or change a product, to give you process indications.


Procedure for changes and returns:

If you want to make a change or a return you must follow the following procedure: a) Tell us your intention to return the product within 15 days after receiving your order; b) the product must have the original labels and hygiene protectors in place and cannot be used; c) The product must be returned in the same way as we originally sent it, protected with its original packaging, with the accessories, instructions and documentation with which we send it to you; d) you must send the product to us in Medellín to address Cra 48 # 48 sur 75 INT 155 using the same box or protective bag in which they were sent; In case this is not possible, you should store the product in its original box or packaging and also store it in a box or protective bag to ensure that the product reaches us in the same conditions in which you received it; e) We will have 10 days to review the product object of your request and once the change is approved, which will be previously communicated, you can do it within 30 calendar days following the notification of acceptance of your request. You will receive a one month valid e-mail code to make changes through our online store.

Check how to redeem your balance in favor or how to request the return of your money to the same means of payment that you made your purchase.

It is important that you bear in mind that the products that you acquire in promotion or with discount, are not accepted for return or have change, except for warranty claims.

We will only accept requests for changes or returns of products purchased in the online store.

Please be sure to wear underwear when trying on the clothes. If you want to make a change or return, please keep in mind that products that do not have the original labels and hygiene protectors in place, are damaged, washed in some way, dirty, worn, with deodorant stains, have damage smoke or damp odor, that is, in different conditions in which they were received, and are not in their original packaging, will not be accepted for the process of changes or return. No exception will be made with respect to these conditions. In case of receiving it in any of these circumstances, the merchandise will be returned and you will be responsible for the return costs. All these measures are applied to guarantee your satisfaction. The shipping costs of the product for the process of changes and returns are your responsibility. CORPO is not responsible for lost or damaged items during the transport of these for the start of the exchange or return process. All products returned after the time allowed, will be returned to the customer and will be charged an additional shipping fee. If we receive any garment that does not meet the conditions listed above, they will be returned under the responsibility of the customer. Maximum 3 returns are accepted per invoice. We suggest you hire the transport with a recognized company that provides security and responsibility in the shipment.

Guarantees: We guarantee the quality and performance of your products. If these present any flaw you can request the effectiveness of your guarantee, which have a warranty sixty (60) days term from the date of delivery of the product. Our guarantee consists of same product replacement and if there are not more units or these are still flawed we will exchange it for a similar one, or we will generate a credit balance in our online store to be used it in the purchase of another of our products as long as you accept it; If you do not agree with any of these options, we will return your money.

Warranty request process: You must send the product that presented faults to our address located in Medellin at address Cra 48 # 48 sur 75 INT 155, there we will proceed to study the problems presented and if it really corresponds to a warranty problem. Once the product is received, we will respond to your request within the following 15 calendar days and on the acceptance of your claim. If your request is accepted, the cost of shipping the product to our store will be recognized in a credit balance in our online store, if you do not want to make a purchase, we will refund it.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to write us to the email or write us through WhatsApp number 3175762568 to receive instructions about the process.


Payment conditions:

Customer must accept payment terms and conditions, according to the site available methods.


Payment options:

Transactions can be made through PayU Latam and PayPal with debit and credit cards Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, PSE, cash payments with Efecty, Baloto, Bancolombia and Banco de Bogotá.

CORPO is not responsible for the failures in communications of the banking or credit entities nor for the damages caused to the users of the omissions or actions of these entities. Once the payment information and the conditions of the offer are verified, the contract is understood as completed.


Postage charges:

CORPO is responsible during the transport of the products for handling and insurance expenses of the products you buy at, the client must assume the cost of shipping to their destination. The cost of the shipment will be notified at check out once you have selected the products you want to buy and enter the destination information, this cost will be calculated according to the weight and shipment distance.


Right of withdrawal: click here to know it

According to what is enshrined in Article 74 of the Consumer Statute, the law allows you to access the right of withdrawal of the products you buy, except that these are for personal use, our bathing suits are intimate garments and for Therefore, they are exempt from the right of withdrawal, you can exercise it over the other products offered in our online store as follows:

The maximum term to exercise the right of withdrawal will be of (5) business days from the delivery of your order. The customer must return the product to CORPO under the same conditions as the product received and must bear the costs of return transportation. CORPO will refund the total value of your purchase without making discounts or withholdings for any reason. The return of the money cannot exceed 30 calendar days since exercising the right to retract.


Payment reversal:

According to (Colombian) Law 1480 of 2011. Chapter IV. Article 51 and its regulatory decree 587 of 2016. Remember that to request the reversion of your payment you must comply with the following requirements:

  1. It must be a purchase made through our online store
  2. You must indicate in your request for reversion of payment, the reason for your request. Remember that these causes are of Law and you must adjust your request to one of these:
  • Being a fraud victim
  • When your purchase corresponds to an operation that you have not requested.
  • When you have not received the product you purchased in the time indicated.
  • When the product you received is not the one you bought, or does not comply with the conditions reported on this in our online store.
  • When the product you received is defective.
  1. You must clearly indicate which value you request is reversed (it must correspond to the price of the product) and the bank account, credit card or means of payment to which the purchase was charged.
  2. Your claim can be presented through our PQR format.
  3. The request for reversion must be presented directly to CORPO and the financial institution by the owner of the means of payment that made the transaction.
  4. Remember to submit your request for a reversal of payment, you have 5 working days after you were aware of the situation that caused the payment reversal.
  5. You must inform us that the product will be available in the same place where we deliver it and it must be in the same conditions in which it was delivered.
  6. The reversion request only applies to purchases that have been generated in an electronic medium such as debit and credit cards.



The invoice will be sent with the order to the delivery address filled out by the customer.

Packaging of the products:

Our products are packed in a safety bag of delivery companny that meets the requirements for its transportation. Do not receive your order if the security bag presents alterations and you must notify by email to the novelty of your order.


CORPO will be responsible for updating and reviewing the products that are published on the site and may modify or discontinue them when it deems appropriate. The colors of the garments that appear on our site are true to their actual color, however, the colors that you see on your screen may vary depending on the quality of the image on your device. Therefore, CORPO is not responsible for any color variations that may occur between your screen and the actual product.


Use of the site:

To guarantee the browsing experience on our site you must use FIREFOX 37.0 or higher, Chrome 41.0 or higher.

It is forbidden: any type of harassment or obscene language, including through email, identity theft, uploading, distributing or publishing any defamatory, libelous, threatening or any other form of encouraging a criminal offense.


Prohibition of malicious uses:

The user accepts that: It is not allowed to damage, deteriorate or cause an undue burden on the website, servers, systems or other users. It will not attempt to interfere in any way with the operation of the site, virus or any automated mechanism for accessing the website, servers or systems. Will not participate in spam floods. It will not attempt to access data that is not authorized for its use.


Links to third parties:

CORPO may promote its brand through other websites, however, CORPO has no control over these sites and is not responsible for the content, policies, actions and privacy practices of these sites or others.



The liability of CORPO will be limited in an amount identical to the value of the product purchased, or in its absence, to the value of the product requested by the customer. Without prejudice to what is determined in the imperative norms of the applicable Colombian Legislation, CORPO does not assume any responsibility, including any responsibility for damage or prejudice because it will be the content that “users” may incorporate into this tool, including but not limited to loss of information or utilities for which we are not responsible, existence of viruses, results of use or inability to use the material on this Site, lost business opportunities, or any other damage, even if the user has warned us about the possibility of such damages, or any claim by third parties, except as expressly stipulated herein. CORPO does not assume any responsibility for the impossibility of using the site or for problems in the use of it or any of the pages that comprise it, including but not limited to events such as server or connection problems, interruptions in its communication, technical problems.

Source of funds.

When you accept our Terms and Conditions or make a purchase, you declare that:

The resources with which you make your purchase come from operations, trades, profession activity or lawful business that you carry out.

  1. The monies used for the purchase were not obtained by virtue of any type of conduct that is enshrined in Colombian law as a breach.
  2. You have never allowed third parties to use your accounts or your credit or debit cards to consign or manage money of which you do not know their origin or that come from conduct contrary to the law and especially the criminal law.
  3. You will not make CORPO and / or KRISPETA S.A.S responsible for any issue for the erroneous, false, inaccurate information that you have provided on this site or for the violation thereof. So you will be the only responsible for it.