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Privacy Policies


In CORPO we are committed to treat under Colombian Data Protection Law guiding principles all the data that you give us and that are contained in our information systems, for which we are responsible. We will carry out the treatment in accordance with our personal data treatment policy, which you can learn on our Website. There we indicate the rights you have as owner and you can act through our email



We want that your personal information and especially your financial data are totally safe during your purchases in our online store, that’s why our main goal it provide you with maximum security though out our enabled payment channels. they are considered as financial entities “Secure Payment” systems; so your payment data are transmitted directly and in an encrypted to the corresponding financial entity.



Allow Cookies is not mandatory to visit our site. Cookies are small text files that identify your computer on our server as a single user. Cookies can be used to recognize your Internet protocol address, which will save you time while you are on the Site or if you want to enter it in the future. We only use cookies for your site use convenience (for example, to remember who you are, when you want to modify your shopping cart without having to re-enter your email address), your browser can be configured to not accept cookies, but this could restrict your Ssite use and limit your experience in it. The use of cookies does not contain or affect personal or private nature data and does not represent a danger for viruses.



The Data Protection Law (Law 1581 of 2012) is a Law that complements the current regulation for your personal data protection. According to this regulation we develop the Personal Data Treatment Policy whose content you will find published in

We want to answer the questions you might have have regarding your Personal Data, the additional questions that you have can be found in the general publication of our Personal Data Treatment Policy.


What is a Personal Data Holder?

We are all natural person owners of our Personal Data, and who authorize the treatment or not of these. If you are a minor your parents or your legal representative are responsible for your Personal Data and they can authorize us to process your data.


What are Personal Data?

Personal data is any information that we can associate with you and we can used to identify you, depending on the degree of use and approach to your privacy these data may be public, private or semi-private.


How do you authorize personal data processing?

You can authorize us to treat the data by any suitable means, be it physical or electronic that allows us to give you a proof of this authorization when you request it. This authorization must be previously informed by us of the treatment that we will give to your data.


What are your Personal Data holder rights?

As the owner of your personal data you can: Know, update and rectify the data which you are the owner that we store and treat. You can request copies of the authorizations that you gave us for the treatment of personal data; we must inform you about the use we give to your data; you can revoke the authorization and request the removal of your data from our databases; and you can submit complaints, requests or complaints regarding your personal data and their treatment.


About us?

We are responsible for the treatment of your personal data, since we are the owners of the Database and we decide on this and the treatment of the stored data. As responsible we have duties in front of your data, which you will be able to know in our Data Processing Policy.

CORPO is a brand of swimwear and accessories owned by the company KRISPETA S.A.S., identified with the Nit. 900.306.713, we are domiciled at Cra 48 # 48 sur 75 INT 115.


Who are the managers?

These are the people to whom we can entrust with the processing of your personal data, who can only perform those functions that we directly request, but we will always be responsible for your data, and we will ensure that these people comply with the security policies required.

I need to exercise one of my rights as a holder, what do I do? Write us through In your request you must specify if you want to make a query, a claim, an update or if you want to revoke the authorization that you gave us for the treatment of your data.